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The best selling publication. . . over 150,000 copies sold:  Winning Children Over: A Manual for Teachers, Counselors, Principals and Parents, Francis X. Walton, Ph.D. and Robert L. Powers, M.Div. MA. Topics include:
Understanding children
Helping children change
Dealing with the class as a group
Developing responsibility and cooperation
Mistaken approaches to dealing with childrenSpanish translation also available

Spanish Translation: Winning Children Over  
The popular publication . . . over 60,000 copies sold:  Winning Teenagers Over in Home and School, Francis X. Walton, Ph.D. Topics include:
Understanding teenagers
Signs of pampering and coercion
What can we substitute?
Sixteen specific techniques for encouraging adolescents
Use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs
Adult by eighteen
Winning cooperation in the school
Tips for teachers
The roles of the school counselor and administratorsSpanish translation also available

Spanish translation Winning Teenagers Over
The folllowing publications are available only in the countries where they are printed. For further information about purchasing these publications, please contact Dr. Walton by email.

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Teen Suicide Prevention DVD Teen Suicide Prevention, Francis X. Walton, Ph.D. (DVD)In this award winning DVD, Dr. Walton emphasizes common mistakes leaders of young people make that lead teenagers to believe the solutions to problems in their lives are outside their hands. Effective parenting techniques are illustrated and a question and answer session with parents is included.“. . . a powerful contribution to the field offering guidance and direction for parents and professionals. This DVD will stimulate meaningful discussions. Parents will be offered insight and skills in order to develop courage and responsibility in teens.” Don Dinkmeyer, Ph.D., Psychologist, author and Developer of Systematic Training in Effective Parenting. 52 minutes.

The Use of the Most Memorable Observation DVD Use of The Most Memorable Observation Technique in Counseling and Parent Consultation, Francis X. Walton, Ph.D.(DVD)This DVD includes five illustrations of Dr. Walton obtaining and interpreting a most memorable observation with parents in actual counseling and parent education sessions. Using this powerful technique, Dr. Walton discloses to parents the private logic that leads them to choose the style of parenting they are using. This technique is also highly useful to use when gathering life style formulation information with individual adults. 35 minutes.

Relevant publications by members of Dr. Frank Walton’s family:

The Courageous Parent, Cindy Walton-McCawley and Kathleen A. Walton.This dynamic duo has over fifty years of experience providing leadership for children, parents and teachers. The publication is unique with regard to the author’s manner of providing specific solutions to nearly every challenge encountered by parents of children from birth to eleven years of age.

Cyber Bullying: Bullying in the Digital Age, Robin M. Kowalski, Ph.D., Susan P. Limber, Ph.D., and Patricia Walton Agatston, Ph.D.“Fascinating eye-opening reading about one of the most insidious problems facing anyone working with children and teens, and anyone caring about school violence.” Michael Popkin, President, Active Parenting